certificate of completion for Ryan Simmons

Another Day, Another Successful Tech Trained

This past weekend was a busy weekend of training for our staff here at Braxton Automotive. On Friday morning, we sent both of our Service Advisors, Dave and Craig to Denver, CO as a part of our IAP20 BMW/Mini/Volvo Tech Group. Thank you for the brave/patient customers who had their cars in on Friday and had to work with Steve, Jessi and Chuck who stepped up to the plate and helped out while our Service Advisors were gone. Although we try to schedule training on days that are convenient for everyone, it is not always possible, and this time we had to send both guys away at the same time.

We also sent one of our Technicians, Ryan, to Sacramento, CA on Friday for a Diagnostics Training class. We are glad to say that they all made it there and back safely and they have their certificates to prove it. Ongoing training is something Braxton Automotive takes much pride in and every staff member attends a number of training opportunities throughout the year. In fact, we have run out of space on our certificate shelves and we have stacks of certificates just waiting to be displayed.