At Braxton Automotive Group we believe in team work. The more people we can run ideas by, learn from, or collaborate with, the better of a company we can be for our customers.

Blue Seal of Excellence Recognized Business logo

Blue Seal of Excellence

ASE has years of experience helping the automotive industry verify the skills and knowledge of the technicians working at dealerships, independent repair shops, collision shops, franchises and more.
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Automotive Service Association logo

Automotive Service Association

The Automotive Service Association is the largest not-for-profit trade association of its kind dedicated to and governed by independent automotive service and repair professionals.
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Better Business Bureau

BBB is dedicated to fostering honest and responsive relationships between businesses and consumers, instilling consumer confidence and contributing to a trustworthy marketplace for all. We have been a recognized member of BBB for more than 8 years.
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BIMRS logo


BIMRS is a non-profit association of Independent BMW Service Professionals dedicated to education and training.
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Bosch Service Center logo

Bosch Service Center

Bosch Car Service centers are the very best of independently-owned service centers, with more than 15,000 members in the worldwide network.
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iATN logo

International Automotive Technicians Network

The International Automotive Technicians Network is the largest network of automotive repair professionals in the world: a group of 81,250 automotive professionals from 163 countries.
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RepairPal Certified logo

RepairPal Certified

RepairPal Certified shops are a nationwide network of more than 500 certified auto repair shops that set the bar for quality repairs, fair prices, and consistently high customer satisfaction.
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Import Automotive Professionals 20 Group logo

Import Auto Professionals 20 Group

Braxton Automotive belongs to an iAP20 Group, which is a network of about 15-20 independent shop owners that get together 3 times a year to share knowledge, ideas, camaraderie and experiences through conferences, financial composite analysis and constant online communications. 
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