Employee Recognition


We like to acknowledge our team members when they've done a good job. Every month we peer vote for an Employee of the Month, a Top Dog Tech and a Superman Award. Our Employee of the month can be any employee who has done an outstanding job all month long. From being a great team player to showing excellent customer service, we all get together at the end of the month and vote for one awesome team member.

Jason - Lead Service Advisor

March 2016

  • Braxton Employee since February 2013
  • AKA: Lemon Drop
  • Jason is known for his 'Jasonisms'. ie: "let's lock it down", "them tires look good"

Chris from Braxton Automotive Group

Chris - Parts Man

February 2016

  • Braxton Employee since March 2014
  • AKA: Wing Nut
  • He's got our parts room organized and running smooth

Vinnie from Braxton Automotive Group

Vinnie - Diagnostician

January 2016

  • Braxton Employee Since Sept 2007
  • AKA: Parking Lot Director
  • 1st person we go to when we need help