air conditioning button in a car

It's Snowing, Quick, Turn on Your A/C!

Did you know that running you're A/C in the winter months could actually add years to your unit's effective life span?

Braxton Automotive, along with automotive manufacturers, recommends that you turn on your car's air conditioning even when it's cold out. Let me explain.

From a maintenance and preventative standpoint, regular use of you're A/C helps prevent refrigerant loss. By turning it on in the winter, even for just a few minutes, it helps by oiling the compressor and seals and keeps refrigerant loss to a minimum. Another benefit is that it helps to dry out the cabin air and remove dampness from the cockpit. It is very effective in de-fogging the windshield and in preventing the windows from fogging up in the first place. In fact, cars that have climate control will engage the A/C as part of the defrost function.

Over time the seals in the system will breakdown or become porous causing the refrigerant to leak and the system to overwork itself. A wise plan is to replace the tubes and seals every couple of years or so. Regular servicing will add years to your unit's effective life span and keep you cooler during the months that are not so cool.