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Senior Driving

Do you have a parent or even a grandparent that probably should not be driving? Did you know that every state's law on Senior Driving is different? AAA has a great site with many resources for all of your senior driving questions. Some topics they discuss include:

Finding the perfect car that fits a senior driver. "A proper fit in one's car can greatly increase not only the driver's safety but also the safety of others." They offer one-on-one assistance in testing how well your car fits you.

  • Refresher Courses- we could all use a refresher course on driving, but this course is specifically designed for seniors. The course includes topics such as vehicle technology and discounts on insurance. The best part about it….you can take it online!
  • Evaluate your driving ability. AAA offers a self-rating tool, an interactive driving evaluation and an assessment by a professional. All very useful in determining if you or a loved one should be behind the wheel.
  • Understanding Changes- As we age, our vision, hearing, mind and reaction time changes significantly. Learn how, when and why these changes typically occur.
  • Resources for concerned family and friends. AAA offers suggestions on what to do should you be concerned that someone should not be driving, tips on having a talk with them and suggestions for other modes of transportation.

What great information! Don't let your fear of having the talk or your fear of losing independence get in the way of educating yourself about senior driving. Our life is the most precious gift we have, protect it.