closeup of a dictionary

Where's Webster?

Have you ever walked into a car repair shop and felt like you needed a dictionary?

For example: Well Bob, after diagnosing your vehicle, we found that your MAP sensor is what was causing your vehicle to act sluggish and use an excessive amount of fuel. A new MAP sensor will cost you $xxx.xx. Then you are focused on the price and wondering why your car needs a MAP sensor, you have navigation on your phone?!

Braxton Automotive understands that car jargon can be confusing and not everyone is familiar with the terms. We try our best to explain your vehicle's needs in a language that is not foreign. But in case you are still curious or come across other terms you are not familiar with, here is a link to a glossary containing only car, bike and truck terms. Any word you can think of that is associated with your car can be found there.

And in case you are still wondering what a MAP sensor is, its: an abbreviation for manifold absolute pressure system sensor which tells the computer how much pressure is in the intake manifold (another word you'll find there).