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A/C Not Up to Par?

This past week Atlanta, and most of the southern U.S., experienced record breaking temperatures. It was hot! You kept turning the A/C up until it couldn't go up any more and that still didn't cool you down.

Well thankfully the 100 degree temps are gone and we are back to the normal hot.

Have you noticed that your A/C is not cooling properly or the air flow is not what it used to be? The solution could be as simple as replacing your vehicle's dirty cabin air filter. Because your cabin filter controls allergens and filters out chemicals and pollutants, it gets clogged and dirty. Think about the Spring, when your car was yellow. As you drive, the cabin filter is what keeps that pollen from getting into your car. A dirty cabin filter can reduce your vehicle's ability to defog your windows, it can cause your vehicle to have a musty smell as well as NOT clean the air that is coming into your car.

Braxton Automotive recommends replacing your vehicle's cabin filter at least once a year. Next time you are here for service, or even in the neighborhood, ask one of our Technicians to check your cabin filter and if necessary, replace it. Hurry, it's only July, we still have 2 months of heat!