a woman plugging her ears

Ever Wonder - What's That Noise?!

Transmissions, timing belts, head gaskets - I bet you think those are the hardest jobs for Technicians. Nope. Sometimes noises can be the hardest problem to cure.

It all starts with the customers' sometimes vague description of this irritating noise. Then the Service Advisor's relay their rendition of the noise on paper to the Technicians. This results in the Technicians spending time searching for a noise that may or may not be "the noise".

Fixing the wrong noise happens often and when it does, nobody is happy. The customer is still irritated by the noise and the fact that they spent money on who-knows-what and although the repair shop thinks they did good by fixing a noise, it wasn't the right one.

Braxton Automotive Suggestions:

  1. Ask a Technician to come outside and point out the noise to them
  2. Have a Technician go for a ride with you
  3. Tell your Service Advisor: when it happens (cold start, when making turns, going over bumps), where the sound is (left front tire, under the hood), what it sounds like (marble in a can, hamster wheel, flapping, whining, grinding)

Any information that gets the technician in the right area as soon as possible saves time and money….and sanity =)