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Breathe Easy This Fall

When was the last time you were behind an older vehicle that was blowing thick, white smoke? Then you started to breathe it in while you rushed to get around the vehicle. Did you get teary eyed and start coughing?

Do you remember last Spring when you noticed the inside of your car turning yellow? Did you know you were breathing in all of those pollutants and there was a way to stop it?

Well now is the time to know that your car most likely have a cabin air filter and it needs to be replaced, on average, annually. A cabin air filter's job is to clean the air before it comes into your car and breathe it in. The filter is made up of an electrostatically charged fiber mat that grabs airborne particles out of the air and secures them to the filter paper. Allowing the air in your car to be cleaner than it is outside.

Some of the particles that are trapped by a cabin air filter are bacteria, spores, pollen road dust, soot and exhaust, just to name a few. How useful, right?

Well, if you didn't know you had one or you didn't know it should be replaced every so often, chances are you, you and your family are breathing in really dirty air. No worries, we can help. It only takes about 20 minutes to replace and on average, costs about $35 depending on your vehicle.

Fall is coming and so are the allergies, get your cabin air filter replaced and breathe easy this fall!