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Car Maintenance: A New Year's Resolution That Pays

The holiday season is over and 2015 is upon with endless opportunities. Between eating better and spending more time with your family, we are all making resolutions. Let this year be the year you take better care of your car.

A little preventative maintenance throughout the year can save you time, money and many headaches in the long run. Make 2015 a great year on the road by resolving to follow these guidelines, recommended by the Car Care Council:

  • Perform Monthly Check: Check your tire pressure and the condition of the tires, lights and windshield washer fluid. The vehicle should also be cleaned monthly.
  • Every 3 Months or Per the Owner's Manual: Check the engine oil and filter, check the levels of other fluids including automatic transmission, power steering and brake system. Check the battery and cables, as well as the belts and hoses. The exhaust and fuel filter should also be checked at this interval.
  • Every 6 Months or Per the Owner's Manual: If required, the chassis lubrication should be checked and windshield wipers should be replaced.
  • Every 12 Months or Per the Owner's Manual: The brakes, spark plugs, coolant and steering and suspension should be checked.

If the "check engine" light comes on, vehicles should be immediately taken in for service to identify the problem.

You should also consult your owner's manual for specific recommendations by your vehicles manufacturer. Happy motoring in 2015 from your Braxton Automotive Service Team.