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Compliments Are Free

I know you've been there, on the receiving end of a bad customer service experience. You're put on hold for 40 minutes only to be transferred because they can't help, your order comes out wrong at the restaurant or the new gadget that promised 'xyz' broke after only 2 months. And no doubt you've either called, emailed or ran to social networking to vent about your awful experience. "The world has to know!". But when was the last time you picked up the phone to compliment an employee or got on Facebook to rave about the service you just experienced?

We are quick to complain, yet hesitant to compliment. But what if we weren't? What if we said "thank you" more often. Acknowledgements have such an impact and just by calling an owner/manager or writing a review about a particular good experience can totally change someone's day. Imagine your boss getting a phone call that someone just complimented you. That would build your confidence and make you more aware of the impact you have on your customers and their experience. That feeling would last all day and have a trickle effect on the next customer you come into contact with.

Remember: compliments are free and they impact not only the person complimented but also the company. Our employees are a direct reflection of our company, and we love to hear how they made a not-so-fun car experience a more pleasant one. And just a reminder, THANK YOU for being our customer and trusting your car to our dedicated staff!